I’m UggerExplore ™, your new friend to analyze Instagram pages. I help you to choose fine influencers and have a better influencer marketing campaign than ever you have.

Download and add me for Chrome first.

Then explore Instagram to find a right pages and see my opinion about those. I’ll show you how I work below:

1. Where are you?

Instagram follower counter from UggerExplore extension
As a first step, when you are exploring Instagram and see the analytics, we make sure you see the correct page report. In addition to showing you that you are seeing the correct report, this section also shows changes in the number of page followers and followings.

2. What changes have taken?

Instagram analytics by UggerExplore
What level of feedback a page content receives is very important. But with a closer look, the amount of feedback changes over time is more important. Because these changes show that over time, users’ acceptance of the page content has decreased or increased.
In fact, by examining these changes, we show whether the page in question is moving towards growth or not!
All of the above values are calculated by examining the last 12 posts.

  • EngagementRate is calculated based on the ratio of likes and comments to the number of followers. We base the number of followers because most influencer marketing costs are calculated based on the number of followers (number of target audience).
  • Average Like is the average number of likes of the last 12 posts.
  • Average Comment is the average number of comments of the last 12 posts.
  • Comment Rate shows, on average, how many comments the content receives per 100 likes.

In the vicinity of the variables, you will see a green or red percentage, which indicates how much that variable has changed since the last survey.
If “Fixed” is displayed instead of percentage, it indicates that no change has occurred. If “New” is displayed, it indicates that this is the first time this page has been reviewed by UggerExplore, and you will need to visit again in the coming days to view the report.

Instagram marketing chart
In other side of the tool, if you click on the toggle, the chart of variables change will open for you.
By analyzing analytics graphically, the change process can be analyzed better and more accurately. If a dot appears on the chart and you do not see any lines, it means that this page has been checked twice so far. To display the charts, you need to check at least 3 times in three different days.
If there is nothing to display on the chart, it means that this page has been reviewed less than twice by UggerExplore and needs further review.

UggerExplore chart filtering
Quite simply, by clicking on any of these colors, you can enable or disable its chart.

3. Page Score

Instgram page scoring by UggerExplore extension
The stars in this section show the quality of user feedback on this page relative to similar pages. This scale is completely relative and helps you to evaluate the position of this page in relation to its competitors.
Page Score is a relative value. Finally, it shows you whether this page is better than another page for ordering ads or not!
This rate is calculated based on the engagement rate to the number of followers and the stability or instability of user behavior on the content.
To choose a good influencer, regardless of the number of followers and other variables, just compare the Page Score between pages.

4. Recommendation

How to grow in Instagram
This section will make the next step clear to you. Tells you what level of engagement you need to reach to get the next star.
In the near future, thanks to artificial intelligence, suggestions for page progress and growth will be added in this section. You can use these suggestions to grow your page.

5. Detection of abnormal behavior

Detection abnormal user behavior in Instagram
UggerExplore is sensitive to unusual user behaviors on a content. Illegal actions may have been taken to increase the engagement of a content. Thanks to this algorithm, UggerExplore have been able to find content related to abnormal user behavior from the last 12 posts and remove it from the calculations. Of course, we have marked the deleted posts from the calculations in red for you, and you can check them yourself.
With this algorithm, we encourage influencers to grow organically and sustainably.

6. More details

UggerExplore guide and privacy policy
It is very important that you know what the rules for using this tool are and what the rules are. You will have access to this information by clicking the Policy Privacy button.
The guide button also takes you to this page.

7. Extension info

UggerExplore info
This section also contains version information and copyright of the tool. For future updates of the tool that will make it much more attractive, watch your email!